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Terms of Use

By using any of the Services or signing up to use an account through GainLink (the “Website”) or any of our associated websites (including, without limitation, the technology and the platform integrated therein), Chats and/or any and all related applications (collectively, the “Site”), you agree that you have read, understood, and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, as well as all of the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy which is hereby incorporated by reference and forms part of this Agreement.

1. User Account

1.1 Account Usage: You are not allowed to register or use your account through proxies, VPNs, hide my "ass," LAN groups, internet cafes, or similar methods.

1.2 Multiple Accounts: Creating or using multiple accounts, using fake information, or sharing payment processors between accounts and other members is strictly prohibited.

1.3 Single Login: You are not allowed to log in with more than one account on the same computer or IP address. This includes family, friends, co-workers, and using your account on public computers.

1.4 VPS/Proxy Server Usage: Using any VPS or proxy server to access or use this website is not permitted. We expect you to use this website from your personal device, using your real IP address. If you use a VPS or proxy server, your payout request will be rejected, and your account will be suspended.

1.5 Server Overload: Any attempts to overload our server will lead to the permanent suspension of your account.

1.6 Prejudicial Actions: Bringing any kind of harm directly or indirectly to our website, its owner, or the staff team will lead to the permanent suspension of your account.

2. Referrals

2.1 Referral Limit: You are allowed to refer an unlimited number of members.

2.2 Prohibited Referral Services: Using services that sell referrals is not allowed. Our staff will verify this, and if your account is suspected of breaking this rule, it will lead to the permanent suspension of your account.

2.3 Inactive Referrals: You agree not to be compensated for the loss of any referrals due to inactivity, whether they are deleted or suspended for inactivity.

2.4 Upline Change: You are not allowed to change your upline, and the upline relationship will remain private.

3. Payments & Purchase

3.1 Final and Non-Refundable: All orders made through our website are final and non-refundable.

3.2 Payment Method: All payments should be done through our website only.

4. Refund Policy

4.1 Non-Refundable Subscriptions: The purchase of any Subscription from this website is non-refundable.

5. Anticheat & Account Suspension

5.1 Log Monitoring: You should be aware that our system saves logs of any suspicious or unauthorized activities.

5.2 Account Suspension: Engaging in hacking, SQL injection, XSS passthrough, or any other unauthorized activities will result in the permanent suspension of your account.

5.3 System Interference: You must not interfere with our system to prevent optimal security and/or reliability.

5.4 Suspension Rights: We reserve the right to suspend your account for any valid reason stated in our Terms of Service or related to it.

5.5 Account Suspension Consequences: If your account is suspended for any reason, you cannot request a refund, and your account will be wiped (including statistics and referrals).

6. Prohibited Activities

6.1 Self-Completing Shortlinks: You are strictly prohibited from intentionally completing shortlinks on your own with the intention of fraudulently increasing your earnings.

6.2 Earnings Manipulation: Any attempt to manipulate or artificially inflate your earnings, including but not limited to using automated scripts, bots, or any other unauthorized methods, is strictly prohibited.

6.3 Account Termination: Engaging in fraudulent activities or attempting to manipulate earnings will result in the immediate termination of your account without prior notice. In such cases, you will not be eligible for any refunds, and any unpaid earnings will be forfeited.

7. Group or Community Conduct

7.1 Compliance with Group Rules: You are required to adhere to the rules and guidelines established by the group or community in which you participate. This includes refraining from engaging in illegal activities, insulting or harassing other members, and sharing content that infringes on intellectual property rights.

7.2 Prohibited Speech or Posts: Spreading false information or making unsubstantiated claims about GainLink within groups or communities is strictly prohibited. It is important to verify information before sharing it to maintain the integrity of the community and prevent misleading or harmful content.

7.3 Respect for Privacy: Respecting the privacy of fellow members within the group or community is of utmost importance. Sharing someone else's personal information without their consent, such as their private messages, account details, or any other confidential information related to GainLink, is strictly prohibited.

7.4 Embracing Diversity and Acceptance: It is expected that you treat others with respect and embrace the diversity of opinions, beliefs, and backgrounds within the group or community. Discrimination or derogatory actions based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or other factors will not be tolerated.

7.5 Consequences of Violations: In the event of a violation of the group or community rules, administrators or moderators reserve the right to take appropriate action, including issuing warnings, removing posts, or revoking your access to the group or community.